Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Wish

Looking skywards i try to find something spectacular. 
Something you don't usually see everyday.
Everyday i look for a shooting star. They say you get what u want if you wish upon a shooting star.

but well there are times you want more than one shooting star.
Or rather u want to wish upon everything u can that could get you something that you really wish for.

Its surprising how an atheist would look skywards and talk to someone out there and beg and plead
Its surprising how religiously it is done every single day.

I can't wait for my birthday. Why? I get to wish before i blow out the candles .
I am finding reasons now. 
Can i not just wish every single second?

I like a 10 year old believe that this one wish of mine would come true.
Yes it will.

To be honest i have no clue whats happening.
But yea i am wishing upon everything that i could.

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