Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paint Brush

Present looks vague, The future is...Vaguer
Past is well written and done. 

I walk on this road that seems to be vanishing in front of me.
Is there a road to walk on or is it vaccum
Everything seems to be so futile.
Every relationship like smoke.

Am i painting my own life?
Or am i buring it down?

Give me that paint brush and please step out that door. 
This is my world.
And who told you to paint my world black and white?
It was red and blue that i wanted. A lil green. some yellow. All the rainbows. 

And what is this potion?
I said i want happiness and craziness and a lil bit of insanity.
And look!  what are you giving me ? sadness, Pain and wrath.

Have you lost your mind Dear lover. 
I did want to paint a world with you but not one that brings me to the doors of destruction.

Oh look at what you have created.
A perfect blend of heartaches.
You enter. you leave. You happy. Me sad.

You're not an artist. 

Oh look there you are. How happy you look in this picture. 
I wonder how good it would feel to erase you off this board.
Could I edit you?
Could I actually just make you mine.
A refined version of you?

Give me that paint brush let me make a few changes.
Give me a bigger paint brush you fool, dont you see how tough this would be?

Give me that paint brush let me paint YOU.

- Muskan

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