Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hold On..

*the alarm went off* she turned it off, took a deep breath and got cozier in bed. 
Sun rays falling on her skin.. the breeze playing with her hair..A new Day.
From behind His arms looped her..
She smiled..a feeling that she wants to hold onto forever,
The smile she doesnt ever want to wipe off her face.
He kisses her on her cheeks and says "I love you..i always will"
She just closes her eyes ..

Her phone rings.
She wants to switch it off and feel him embrace her, but she instead answers it..
On the other end a person tells her to come to the hospital asap..
Before she could ask that guy anything the person hangs up..

She turns around to see him lying there looking at her and smiling..
She tell him that they need to go to the hospital..
She gets ready and the guy follows her..
All thru the way she talks to him and the guy remains silent..
He holds her hand and not for a minute looks away..

She parks her car and rushes inside..he still follows.
"Whats wrong, i got a call that its an emergency?" she said.
The cop tells her to follow him..
They walk a few steps and she finds herself in a morgue.
She is clueless

They enter..
This is where everything flips.
her mind goes in a state of shock..
She feels like someone just crushed her heart..
"i am sorry for your loss ma'am" the cop said..and walked away

She looked at that lifeless body..And had nothing to say..
she couldnt breathe, she was next to brain dead..
She closed her eyes and whispering to herself "please..please..please..."  turned around.. 
He was gone.

Ghushing through her mind came those memories and that one sentence " I love you..I always will"

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she sat there holding his hand...and said...
"I would always love you too"  :'( 


  1. OMG. Awwwwww =(
    My heart bleeds for her. No, really!
    Sad that is!

  2. I know.. it started with a thought.. and i ended up writing this .. :)