Tuesday, 3 January 2012

StraightJacket Feelin..

"You're selfish !!" one shouts at the other..
the other stands there silently..
"You just think about yourself" the other continues..
the other still doesnt say a word..
"Get lost !! " was the last thing one had to say to the other..
Both walked away from each other..
And you were standing right in front of them and you stood there being silent like watchin a movie playing on the big screen.
You follow the one who din say a word into the room..you both dont talk you just sit there with her..
She starts sobbing like a kid..you get up to hold her and realize you are tied down in a straighjacket..you try to break free but you cant..You try yelling but she doesnt hear you...its like you dont exist..

she cries herself to sleep..
the next day history repeats itself..
and those two are again standing in front of each other..
There begins the movie. you get up to slap the other but Sigh you're in a straighjacket..
You follow her everywhere she goes..
The same evening you try talking to her..she Blocks you out..
You sit there helplessely watching like a fool..
"Dont take shit" is what you want to tell her and probably she already knows that..

You try once again..
"Listen...dont do this to yourself." I said to her..
She freezes.... 
"I know you hear me.." i continue..
"You are special . dont ruin it for yourself over someone who does'nt care.."
She closes her eyes..takes a deep breath..
"I tried to keep you out of my life and i did not want to listen to you.." she said 
Tears trickle down her cheeks again..And again i was just watching..
"STOP IT" i Yelled.. "ENOUGH"
"i am your "MIND" you cant tie me up in a straightjacket and let things Happen to you.."
She gets up walks away..

** We all have a mind of our own..We know what to do..but we dont..we know what to say but we dont..its more like keeping it tied down..Its more of helplessness.. A state where you refuse to help yourself out even when you know there is a way out..

After all its just a straighjacket feeling..

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