Monday, 26 December 2011

The Womb . Part 1

Glass shattered all over the floor.
What seemed to be something so beautiful to people never turned out to be so.
They both fought day in and day out.
It might be beautiful once upon a time.
It all changed later.
The wife sobbed all night.
She forgot what she was like. She forgot the last time she smiled. All that she had to show to the world was pretending to be happy.
She tried her best to keep him happy but the ignorant man overlooked it every time.
she was lifeless.
she left for her moms place . Her mom said "Go to hell..". Her mom never cared either.
Everyone needs someone to speak to and she had no one. She couldn't even look at herself in the mirror and utter a word.
She slapped herself over and over again and said "why are you alive?"
She rushed to the kitchen and got herself a knife.
She looked at it as if it was her key to freedom.
It was freedom for her. A place where no one has to shout at her or tell her how perfect everything should look like. Or how she was good for nothing even though she did everything.
She held that knife firm in her hand and standing in front of the mirror took a deep breath ready to break her chains from this mad mad world.

Just that moment when that sharp Object would have slit through her flesh. She heard a laugh. The laugh that Would make anyone smile or make them forget all their worries.
She opened her eyes and looking in the mirror, on the bed behind her she saw her 1 year old child looking her her and smiling. She looked at it and the knife dropped from her hand and she burst out in tears.
She ran towards her kid held it tight and said " oh lil one , I will live for you."


  1. U write freaking awesome! I just loved the was all so lively that i cud empathize the woman's situation..she had to live for the child..u reminded me of a poem during my school days, 'Home they brought the warrior dead'! Kuddos! I went thru several posts of urs...i liked them all! :D