Thursday, 22 December 2011

At a distance..

At a distance i see a universe. A parallel Universe.
The one that is different From this one. 
Good or bad no one knows. 
At a distance i see someone. 
A person smiling at me and telling me to step into a world that would be different than this one. 
A person who resembles someone close to me. A smile on his face. and his voice that calls out my name and says everything would be fine.
At a distance I see a kid.. probably 6 riding on that persons back,
happy and giggling all cherrpy..that shine in her eyes. 
She says one word. Superman.  
thats what that person means to her . a hero. 
Wait a min... 
She is crying..did she fall? did she hurt herself..?
Where is her superman? Why cant i see him..
At a distance... there she stands all alone in the middle of nowhere calling out for him.
and then she looks at me.. straight into my eyes. 
A thousand questions but there are no answers
She cries out loud but all i can do is look at her with teary eyes.
i call her close to me ...she nods her head and says..
"I am scared"..
Why are you scared lil girl..
she trembles..and says "I am YOU and you are ME."
I gasp for air..
i look around find myself looking at myself straight into the eyes in the middle of nowhere
At a distance all i see is ME.. 

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