Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bridge of silent Love

Razed to the ground, I saw the light trembling
Touching and hugging the earth, she lay there, wishing it was all over
As the storms of thoughts crashed her mind, she stirred in anguish
Memories of his touch made her wince, her cheeks no longer held the shadows of cry
Deep crevasses formed as the warm molten liquid ran dipped with his thoughts
And embedded images of her yesterday streamed past into the strangulated misery of despair
Few times, there was a slight flutter of her wings but she could no longer fly
Illusionary sounds tapped her eyes open but alas! She knew it wasn’t he..
Strange hands held her to her feet as she swayed like gentle breeze
Angels of love hovered around her and they led her to the bridge
Waiting, his love shone bright he looked at her deep...
And for the first time, she uttered, ‘O! MY LOVE”..!!!!!!!!

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