Monday, 26 December 2011

Those three words

I close my eyes all I see are a zillion pictures flashing right in front of my eyes.
A moment where everything passes by so fast.
Everything changes around me . I open my eyes to see a whole new different world .
A world where there are different people.
People I once knew and now they are just mere faces.
Places that I once loved are nothing but mirages and mean nothing to me.
A moment where I question my existence and I question everything else around me..
This place is weird.
People!! So many people! What are they trying to say! It's like a thousand people trying to say something to me! Yelling at me but all It is to me is just NOISE. A disturbing noise , that's so loud that my head starts to spin.
"Shut up" I scream but they continue..
They try to close in on me, I try to push them away..
I try to get out but they push me back in.
I shut my ears..
Standing in the crowd I try to find a familiar face.
In hope that someone would get me out of here . Away from these demonic like figures that fall like dark shadows over me.
I roam around in circles trying to find out a way.
I look skywards and then YOU hold my hand , look at me and say those three words. "I love you"
The people turn to ashes and blow away like dust in the desert.
Now all that I can see is you.
Feel you.
Breathe you.

And all around me it's just YOU, ME and THOSE THREE WORDS.

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